We love comics.

The range of entertainment is exploding. No one has longer track of the many platforms and devices that offer experiences. The battle for audience attention is wild. And it goes fast, film shots become shorter and the effects rumbles to maintain users.

Here, we love comics.

A media that comes in quiet bits and pieces. With the opportunity to enjoy each drawing. A journey of discovery into details of faces, costumes, stunning environments and creatures.

Scenes and drama is frozen. And in the gap between the drawings you are co-creator. The imagination creates scenarios, action and context.

And then there is the unique interaction between image and text. Of speech balloons and onomatopoeia in all possible shapes, as part of the visual experience.

On azoobebooks we love all that! And the intention is over time to contribute with everything related to comics. Not only comic books, no, everything from graphic novels, original drawings and merchandise.